The Self

“When the existence and marvelous power of the deeper self is recognized, the “Know Thyself” of the Delphic Oracle acquires a new and profounder meaning. It no longer means only “analyse your thoughts and feelings and actions”; it means study your most intimate self, discover the real being hidden in the depths of your soul, learn its marvelous potency.” ~Roberto Assagioli

Assagioli goes on to say that this is not about deifying the Self, but about finding that place in the Self that is in touch with God or a Higher Power of some kind.  There is something about this idea that is both eminently satisfying and eminently frustrating.  If we all have within us this potent, amazing being, yet we only see it in brief, transcendent moments, it can be challenging.   It seems almost painful to know that this beautiful, powerful calling is within us, yet only sometimes can we hear it.

But isn’t that what we’re here for?  To listen for the calling, and follow where it leads us?

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